There are various nature tours in Costa Rica that all show off how spectacular the Costa Rican landscape really is. As there are so many different ecosystems, each offering different types of nature tours. You are bound to see exotic wildlife and have a choice of visiting white sandy beaches, vast rainforests, chilly cloud forests, protected national parks, and towering volcanoes. If you are a birdwatcher, you are in for a treat. Especially if you visit the Monteverde could forest, one of the only eco-systems in the world that can house the rare, emerald green Resplendent Quetzal. Or if you are not in the mood to get out and search for wildlife in its natural habitat, you can visit a number of zoos or animal rescues, that have various types of reptiles, amphibians, animals and birds that you can admire up-close. And because Costa Rica is such a small country, you could be surfing the turquoise waves in the morning and after a short drive you could be hiking through the rainforest the same afternoon. We recommend choosing a couple of destinations to visit during your Costa Rica vacation to see as much nature as possible.