Do you know that you can actually take advantage of every minute by including tours in the middle of your transportations from place to place?

This is why I have added this to our blog with the intention to inform our customers or any traveler that you can take advantage of every minute while you are in Costa Rica.

From San Jose to the Arenal Volcano Region:
There are two routes that you can take the one from Zarcero or the one through San Ramon.
Normally people take the one through San Ramon since there is less traffic.
If you go through San Ramon you will be enchanted by the cloud forest and the amazing views of the mountains.
Zarcero instead has a lovely weather, very similar to Spring Season weather. This route is full of nice landscapes; you will see a lot of Cattle rising along the way since this are the main economy actuality in the area.
Our drivers are well conscientious that our customers are here to enjoy every minute of their vacations. So, do not hesitate to ask them to stop if you want to take pictures of the amazing views.
Transportation connections:
-Poas Volcano (Currently close but you can always ask if is possible) + Coffee tour + La Paz waterfall
-Zarcero: You cannot miss the visit to the evergreen paradise that is this town.
The cottage style church offering a series of vibrant shrubbery, sculptured and clipped into whimsical shapes.
The garden Well-manicured shrubs in the park are fashioned as animals, dancers, and oxcarts. You will even find a dinosaurs, helicopter, airplane and even Christ carrying a cross.
The park without a doubt is a unique place in the whole country. This is a must-see.

From Liberia to Arenal
The weather is hot and dry from November to May and humid from late May to early November, with heavy rain in September and October.
On the way to Arenal or on your way to Liberia, there are a couple of places that you can not miss. please see below,

The Big Cats of Las Pumas Rescue Center
-The Big Cats of Las Pumas Rescue Center (This is a self-guide tour) – you will only need to pay the entrance which is US$12 per adult and $8 (from 04-12 years old) is located just outside the small city of Cañas along the Inter-Americana Highway, Las Pumas Rescue Center (Centro Rescate Las Pumas) provides a temporary, or sometimes permanent, home for wild cats and other animals that have been injured, rescued, orphaned, or confiscated in the illegal pet trade.

Llanos Del Cortes Waterfall
– This waterfall is considered to be one of Costa Rica’s most beautiful waterfalls. The falls are wide and wispy, with thin streams of water tumbling along the mossy rocks. Rocky cliffs are visible through the transparent cascade. To add to the grandeur, thick forest surrounds the falls with many birds and sometimes even monkeys bellowing from the trees. At the base of the falls is a nice pool that is good for swimming or wading, and there is a sandy area to just hang out and relax.
One of the best things about visiting the Llanos de Cortez Waterfall is that your visit helps support the local community. Shortly after you turn off the highway on your way to the falls, you will come to a small group of people asking for a donation. There is no admission fee to visit the waterfall; instead, all donations go directly to the local school, Escuela de Llanos del Cortés.