Do you know what it means PURA VIDA?

Pura Vida is pronounced Poo-ran Vee-da, and in English means, “Pure Life”.

However, these two words have much more meaning throughout the Costa Rican culture. It is more than just a saying—it is a way of life. Pura Vida, means that no matter what your current situation is, life for someone else can always be less fortunate than your own. So you need to consider that maybe…just maybe, your situation isn’t all that bad and that no matter how little or how much you have in life, we are all here together and life is short…so start living it “pure Vida style”.

The expression is used in many ways and forms, from a greeting to a synonym for “excellent”. This word is associated with many different English interpretations like “pure life”, “take it easy”, “enjoy life”, “all good”, “purity in life”, “hello”, “goodbye”, “this is life!” and much much more.

Although many people use the saying ‘pura Vida’, until you’ve been to Costa Rica, you will not truly know what pura Vida feels like. It’s an emotion, it’s an attitude, its happiness, and it’s a way of life. Once you’ve visited, you will understand the true meaning of pura Vida.
Pura Vida!! =0)